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River City Claims is a team of licensed and bonded public adjusters with various backgrounds including insurance claims, general and roof construction, business management and HVAC. Our professional adjusters represent homeowners and business owners who have experienced property damage. We bring value, knowledge and experience to each claim we handle. We work for YOU! With our extensive knowledge of insurance policies, repair costs and negotiation techniques, we fight for the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. River City Claims always works for you….NOT your insurance company. River City Claims proudly serves the state of Florida with a concentration in the Jacksonville, and Northeast Florida area.


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David Peter Reed Public Adjuster W386600
Lucinda Taylor Frieda Public Adjuster W087234
Steven H. Jacobs Public Adjuster W469938
Christian Forrest Reed Public Adjuster W566550
Mesud Dzomba Public Adjuster W540926
Andrew Paul Howell W589645
Jeanne Hammell Reed W549263